Exploring Drawing - Four Evening Drawing Sessions from 19 March

Exploring Drawing: Four Evening Drawing Sessions held in association with the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2018 exhibition at Drawing Projects UK on Tuesdays from 6-8pm, commencing on 19 March 2019.

These four sessions will explore the role of drawing, mark-making and representation, with each session led by a highly experienced artist-educator - including Alex Roberts, Michele Whiting and Anita Taylor - and will focus on drawing as a essential means of communication and expression. Suitable for all levels of ability, with a small group size that ensures individual attention and guidance as needed, and an energy and enthusiasm for the possibilities of drawing.

Details of the four sessions are as follows:

Drawing Session 1: Tuesday 19 March led by Alex Roberts.

Something Seen: Set in the context of Drawing Projects UK and the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize we will explore how drawing can be used to gather information and to convey our experiences, by making marks and images in an exploratory and experimental way. Materials: paper and basic drawing materials provided.

Drawing Session 2: Tuesday 26th March led by Michele Whiting.

Something Special: Bring a single object that means something to you. In this class we will experience unfamiliar ways of drawing through observing something known and familiar. The class will be fast paced and fun, with time for reflection at the end. Materials: paper and basic drawing materials provided.

Drawing Session 3: Tuesday 2nd April led by Michele Whiting.

Speaking Pencil: Bring your pencils soft to hard. In this class we will talk the language of pencils, to experience this most simple of drawing tools in new ways through challenging our pre-conceptions and assumptions of drawing with a pencil, extending into an exciting vocabulary of mark making that we can then apply to our everyday drawing. Materials: paper and basic drawing materials provided. Please bring a range of pencils, from soft to hard (grades range from 9B to 9H).

Drawing Session 4: Tuesday 9 April led by Anita Taylor.

Drawing as Rehearsal: This workshop will explore the idea of drawing a head to develop characterisation and depict expression through observation. We will work from observation using mirrors to make a series of drawings that explore how the pose, gesture, expression and mark-making can be used to depict a figure or character (rather than an identifiable face or portrait) as the subject is captured as a drawn study in its own right, or to be used for future reference as a rehearsal for another work. Materials: paper and basic drawing materials provided. Please bring a small mirror.

Please find the booking link here for the Exploring Drawing Sessions, and contact us by email if you have any questions.

We look forward to exploring drawing with you!