Between the Sunny and the Opaque - Burgoyne & O'Donnell - 1-9 November

This collaborative drawing project, undertaken by Greig Burgoyne and Lucy O’Donnell, aims to elaborate a phenomenological approach to drawing that reconsiders how act and method contribute to the re-evaluation of the visible. The project questions how drawing can bring forth the unseen, and in doing so reviews how we see, what we perceive and where/how physical representations of body/site can be understood. 

By extending their interest in rules and conventions, Burgoyne and O'Donnell consider how space can be articulated through process-led practice(s) that use measurement systems to mark and make subject. Through these rule-based exchanges it is anticipated that open-ended and, paradoxically, un-constrained outcomes will evolve. The collaboration develops a series of exchanges that utilise sound, voice, writing and mark-making. This drawing-led exchange sets out to explore the anomalies of space and limits, and explores the boundlessness of drawing as a site-specific 'grafting' of space.  

Grieg Burgoyne was born in Glasgow Scotland, studied at HAK Vienna and at the Royal College of Art in London.  He engages in a broad based site-specific drawing practice that embraces film, live performance, installation, wall drawing, sound and text. Burgoyne unites materials often sourced in and around the proximity of the site each project takes place within, alongside process-led, rule based strategies.  

Lucy O'Donnell studied at Chelsea School of Art and Loughborough School of The Arts, Loughborough University where she gained her PhD. Her research challenges writing and drawing conventions as distinct forms of theory and practice, and asks if by redrafting the boundaries of drawing and writing an original vocative poetic practice can emerge. 

Between the Sunny and the Opaque will be on show at Drawing Projects UK from 1, 2, 8 & 9 November 2019, Fridays and Saturdays 12noon to 4pm.

On Saturday 9th November, there will be a Drawing Discussion at 3pm with Burgoyne and O'Donnell with guest artist and writer Dr. Robert Luzar of Bath Spa University, followed by live performances by Greig Burgoyne and Lucy O'Donnell at 4pm to make the end of the exhibition.